Daily Bread Pinecrest Featured In VoyageMIA

Daily Bread Pinecrest Featured In VoyageMIA

Meet Nicolas Mazzawi of Daily Bread

This week, Daily Bread co-owner Nicolas Mazzawi sat down with VoyageMIA for an interview to talk about the family business and how their Middle Eastern & Mediterranean restaurant and marketplace has been a staple of the Miami food scene for over 45 years.

Visit Daily Bread on 12131 S Dixie Hwy, Pinecrest, Florida 33176.


In 1978, the Mazzawi family brought authentic Middle Eastern cuisine to Miami. Then, Daily Bread was born.

“My grandfather Norman Mazzawi packed up and came to Miami to start a new life. While the children studied here, he opened up a sandwich deli in the old Miami Herald building.” Then, he took over “a small shop on 17th ave and US1 called Daily Bread. My father (Toufic Mazzawi), after graduating to be an optometrist, and moving back home, opened up his own, Daily Bread in Pinecrest,” and he “hired my mother (Rima Mazzawi) to help him run his store in Pinecrest. They eventually married.”


Daily Bread grew quickly. It is now four times the size and went from one sandwich on the menu, to having 40+ items. We are proud to serve the South Florida community, offering some of the very best Middle Eastern food and culinary delights from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Greece, Israel and more.

“We are known for our food. Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Tabouli, Pita Bread, all made in-house and fresh from scratch. We make Sandwiches, Platters, and Salads fresh to order right in front of the customers, the way they like it. We sell groceries and ingredients in our market for customers to have for their homes.”


Daily Bread uses the best and freshest ingredients to prepare wholesome and delicious food.

“We are most proud of our food. We keep our quality fresh and consistently delicious. We make our pita bread fresh from scratch. If you come in the morning or afternoon, you can find us baking it in front of the store for customers to see.”


Customers are treated like family at Daily Bread Pinecrest. We are very grateful to the local community for embracing us and our food for so many years. Our team makes it a point to provide them the best food and service possible. Nothing makes us feel as good as a happy customer.

“My brother (Shaddy Mazzawi) and I manage and oversee the store. What sets us apart from others, is that we are very hands on. You can see us behind the register greeting our customers or in the back watching. It is all about consistency. I always find when a new business/restaurant start off they are good. After some time has passed I would return and the quality/service goes down. We have been here for over 45 years and our food is the same if not better than before.”

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